Gian and Phoebe
The Lake House Caliraya 
Justin and Mae
Chapel on the Hill 
Jr and Eyzell
Basco, Batanes 
Angel and Hannah
La Faite
Andy and Regine
Cyrus and Kaytee

So much thankful for having Timoteo Photo to immortalise our wedding moments.We love the way they captured genuine emotions. They were all nice and easy to work with, professional indeed. As we were still in awe, we even asked TJ if he is good for an Anniversary shoot. Without thinking twice and despite his hectic schedule, he came with us all the way to Batanes. Given that the place is picturesque,

we were again amazed by how TJ managed to make stunning photos and he really has unlimited shot ideas.

Kudos to TJ and the whole Timoteo team.

Superb! Highly recommended!


—  Jr & Eyzell



Thank you for visiting my website.
My name is Timothy Teñido, owner and lead photography of Timoteo Photo—a digital photography service provider specializing in portraiture and wedding (and other events) photography. 

As a Christian who sees the beauty of life through Jesus Christ
whom I regard as my Lord and Savior,
I assure you that while I help you preserve your beautiful and wonderful life moments, I take and apply the optimism, passion, and confidence that the Lord gives.  Photography has been my bread and butter since I discovered my passion and enthusiasm for it; the skill, time, and effort that I dedicate for it were proven by my clients’ satisfaction. This work has, in fact, already brought me to different places, local and abroad, and in the future, I envision myself as one of the most well-known and well-sought photographers in the country.  

Every love story is a masterpiece, and I would love to integrate my expertise on yours.
Feel free to go over my portfolio, and I am looking forward to capturing your precious life moments soon.


God bless you.



Timoteo Photo